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Lawn Maintenance

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A great looking lawn is a healthy lawn.

Most homeowners mow their lawns every seven to ten days. Most lawns in fact need to be cut every four to five days. It is best for the health and beauty of your lawn to follow the "One Third Rule". This rule says that a lawn should be mowed when the grass in one third taller than it's recommended growing height. Following this rule and mowing more often causes less shock on the roots, as the grass is focusing less on top growth, and more on root growth. Stronger roots mean a greener, and healthier lawn. A healthy lawn will be able to better endure hot Ohio Summers and harsh Ohio Winters.

Keep Right will also monitor for thatch, pest, and disease problems that can occur without warning. Identifying and dealing with the early signs of these problems will save some major headaches down the road. If problems do occur, we will reccomend an independent contractor to handle any chemical treatments that may be needed.

Your beds and bushes also need TLC to keep them looking their best for years to come. Weeds force the plants you want to compete for precious soil nutrients and water. Keeping weeds at bay will not only make your property look its best, but will also ensure that it is healthy.

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